About us

Alcoiser is a purchasing consultancy, specializes in the vending sector, which acts as a link between vending operators and suppliers. Nowadays, we have operators in all Spain: Madrid, Catalonia, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla León, Andalucía y Murcia.

Our work implies: joint the negotiation of the purchase conditions for the operators, provides a direct access for suppliers to know the operator´s needs and reduce management costs by optimizing the tenderer and the negotiation process.



Operators section

Adherent operator definition 

Adherent operators: vending operators who take part in a purchasing group and they make profits due to their condition and services.


What we do for operators

We collaborate with the purchase and the supplies department. Our task includes:

- Select suppliers and propose new ones. In the selection we follow the operator indications and at the end they choose with which one they want to work /deal.

- Negotiate the best purchase conditions.

- Provide new services added to their management.


Suppliers section

Definition of registered suppliers

Registered suppliers: registered companies in the supplier section that they have taken part in a negotiation process for our adherent operators.For further information send an email info@alcoiser.com

What we do for registered suppliers 

- Direct access to an operator group

- Gain new operators/ clients in the group

- Know new purchase possibilities